Bring Home the Bacon

Fill your fridge with pork products from Belle Fourche, SD

By ordering pork products from Powderville Meat Co., you're supporting free-range farming and family-owned small businesses. You're also treating yourself to some delicious pork chops, ribs and bacon strips. Individuals and business owners alike can order from us.

Our pork products are great for:

Large cookouts
Barbecue pits

Contact us today to ask about the pork products available from our butcher shop in Belle Fourche, SD.

You can order free-range pork products from us

Our free-range pork comes from humanely raised, grass-fed pigs. Our family has been farming pigs and cattle since the 1970s. We know the proper way to care for these animals. This ensures the best quality for our meat products. We charge $1.50/lb (hanging weight) for pork. You can get as much bulk pork as you need.

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