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Bring home grass-fed beef products from us in Belle Fourche, SD

You don't have to worry about the meat we sell being full of steroids or hard-to-pronounce chemicals. Powderville Meat Co. sells grass-fed beef products that come from healthy, humanely raised cows. In the 1970s, our dad's grandfather gifted each of his grandchildren a sow. Since then, our family's legacy of farming has only grown.

As a family-run business, we're committed to helping the families in our community eat well. The six of us continue to day-to-day operations our father started.

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What does it mean to sell humanely raised meat?

When we call our products "humanely raised meat," it means that the cuts of beef and pork we use come from animals that were never subjected to cruelly confining spaces or factory farming. We use meat from grass-fed cattle and pigs only.

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